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Real Estate Law and Boundary Disputes: Tips for Resolving Conflicts with Neighboring Property Owners

Conflicting boundaries leading to land disputes are a common occurrence in California. These conflicts usually occur when there is a change in property ownership. You should get professional help to identify and formalize exact boundary lines. Boundary disputes are best resolved through legal representation. An experienced real estate attorney familiar with California laws and boundary […]

What Is a Zoning Variance and When Do You Need One?

Zoning refers to legally designating different kinds of properties that can be built in a specific neighborhood or area. Municipalities and counties enact zoning ordinances for dictating and shaping a particular community. It also prevents illegal, inappropriate, or disputed real estate properties from cropping up. Choose an experienced real estate litigation attorney who can help […]

How Environmental Regulations Can Affect Property Owners in California

Environmental regulations are aimed to preserve ecosystems and improve the quality of the environment, including wildlife. The management of natural resources by the state government and the related environmental regulations can have a significant impact on ranchers, loggers, farmers, and property owners in California. Impact of Environmental Regulations on Property Prices Stringent environmental regulations are […]

Types Of Co-Ownership in California

Co-tenancy or co-ownership is largely an umbrella term used to describe ownership among multiple owners holding undivided interests in a real estate property. California law recognizes four distinct types of co-ownerships. An experienced real estate attorney can help you understand the different types of co-ownerships and identify the most suitable type for your interests. Tenancy […]

What Is a Partition Action in California?

Partition actions involve court-ordered divisions of property. It is usually started when co-owners cannot come to an agreement regarding the property. The subject property is typically sold in a partition action with the proceeds equitably distributed. Who Can File a Partition Action in California? Partition actions, also known as petitions for partition, require a disagreement […]

How Does a Real Estate Partition Action Work?

A partition action is required when multiple people co-own undivided interest in a property. The purpose of a partition action is to allow co-owners to obtain individual title to some defined portion of a jointly owned property. You should consult with a skilled real estate attorney to make sure your rights are protected during this […]