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Most Common Causes of Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes are becoming increasingly common in California. You may be embroiled in real estate litigation whether you are an individual property owner, a manager of a condominium association, a property management company, or a commercial real estate developer. With a skilled property lawyer on your side, your dispute can usually be resolved out […]

Real Estate Law and Land Use Regulations in California

California land use regulation is notoriously complex even though the market opportunities are significant for both investors and end-users. There are new and changing regulations applicable to California properties that must be considered and addressed when you are entering into a real estate transaction. It is important to work with an experienced land use attorney […]

Conservation Easements in California

Conservation easement refers to a voluntary agreement that places permanent restrictions on the use of a specific land for protecting its conservation values. Owners continue to control the piece of land by placing a conservation easement on it. While they can also take advantage of a tax deduction, they cannot usually develop it. The limits […]

Disclosure Requirements of California Real Estate Brokers

Real estate agents in California are required to disclose certain information before transferring property. If the real estate broker fails to disclose what is required by law, they can be held liable for actual damages suffered by the buyer. You should consult with an experienced real estate attorney in California if you are unsure of […]

What Is Just Compensation in An Eminent Domain Case?

In California, eminent domain gives public authorities the power to take privately held property, even where the owner of the property doesn’t want to sell. The Fifth Amendment has made it mandatory for eminent domain to be employed only for “public use,” such as for bridges, roads, schools, and hospitals among others. The government is […]