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Conservation Easements in California

Conservation easement refers to a voluntary agreement that places permanent restrictions on the use of a specific land for protecting its conservation values. Owners continue to control the piece of land by placing a conservation easement on it. While they can also take advantage of a tax deduction, they cannot usually develop it. The limits […]

What Is Just Compensation in An Eminent Domain Case?

In California, eminent domain gives public authorities the power to take privately held property, even where the owner of the property doesn’t want to sell. The Fifth Amendment has made it mandatory for eminent domain to be employed only for “public use,” such as for bridges, roads, schools, and hospitals among others. The government is […]

Understanding Private Nuisance Claims in California

In California, private nuisance in a legal sense is said to occur when a party engages in disruptive behavior, which interferes or obstructs another individual’s use and enjoyment of the property. You have the right to take the at-fault party to court if they infringe on your ability and rights to enjoy your home or […]

What Constitutes a Breach of Fiduciary Duty in California?

Fiduciary relationships work to ensure the highest degree of loyalty and care from one party to another. Breach of fiduciary duty can do more than violate this trust relationship – it may result in irrecoverable costs in a variety of forms. What is a Fiduciary Relationship? A fiduciary relationship has been defined within the California […]

Understanding Quiet Title Action Lawsuits in California

Uncertain property boundaries between neighbors, boundary disputes, unclear ownership of inherited property, and claims of adverse possession are some of the common reasons for filing quiet title actions in California. This type of lawsuit requires legal representation from an experienced real estate attorney for settling a dispute and establishing title to the property. Quiet Title […]